The 2 Week Diet Photo Shoot

Ayso Region 59 photographers recently did a photo shoot for Brian Flatt’s 2 week diet program. It was inspiring was to see such immense change in 2 weeks! When we were recruited to cover this event, I thought it was the normal humdrum that we experience when it comes to weight loss programs. I did not look forward to any spectacular occurrence and I simply went because I was paid to do so. When I got to the venue of the program, I noticed that everyone was full of expectation. I realized that there was a buzz on the internet about the effects of this event. I read about the review of 2 week diet but did not give much thought to it.

Before and after photoAs the participants began to sign in, I realized that I was the only one who was not writing the expectation he had for the event. I quickly picked a form and scribbled that I came to the event to make money from my photography service. I did not feel any remorse because I thought the event was full of scam. On the first day of the program, Brian Flatt told the participants the things to expect. He talked to them about their mind and how it can help them to get the best results. I could sense a great degree of sincerity in his words. I noticed that he did not give everyone a blanket promise but told them to work out their desired weight.

His words resonated with me as I began to take shots of the different participants and Brian Flatt. I was glad that I was at the event from the start because I wanted to confirm that this plan truly works. I noticed that the participants were not allowed to eat anything they desire. This caught my attention because no one monitored what anyone ate but everybody at the event was highly disciplined. Each of the breakout sessions gave the people many reasons to keep going in order to arrive at their desired weight. I noticed that Brian Flatt did not show any form of concern. It was obvious that he knew that the 2 week diet plan will work! I took photographs of the participants at the end of the week and I could see an appreciable difference in their weight.

I decided to be committed to this plan even though I was a convert for the last week! I realized I had some positive changes in my body after 3 days of following the plan. At this time, the participants who started with the plan from the first day were already looking trim. I compared the pictures I took on the first day with their present weight and I became convinced about Brian Flatt’s invention.

When the final charge for the program was given, I took photographs of the families of those who came to honor the participants in the 2 weeks diet program. The hall was full of excitement and I was glad to be alive to see this modern miracle take place before my eyes.

Photo shoot at Advanced Home Inspections headquarters in Long Island

It is common to hear people say that a picture is worth a thousand words. The vivid images that have shaped our human existence have influenced trade, culture and other aspects of human life. One of the most rewarding things as a photographer is to help to capture the rich impressions of a leading company in Long Island. I was engaged to carry out a photo shoot for a top home inspections business. The experience was quite challenging but served as an eye opener about how the home inspection industry operates.

Picture of home inspectorsI got to do some little research to find out what makes the company tick. I discovered that they had been in business for more than a decade. Each of the Long Island home inspections by Advanced Home Inspections, LLC received very positive reviews. This gave me a great degree of comfort as I set out to cover the company’s activities. I began with a photo session of the personnel as they were getting set for a home inspection exercise. I took shots of their tools, the various homes they were set to inspect and so much more. Each photograph captured the details about the size of the house, the different sections in the house, etc.

I was drawn by the meticulous approach with which the inspectors did their job. I noticed that they were fast but very detailed with their observations and measurement of the building. After this exercise, I went back to the headquarters to capture the meeting where the home inspectors briefed the management on the recent project. I took shots of the meeting room, the materials that were presented and all the staff that were in attendance. This was an eye opening session as I realized that a lot of teamwork happened behind the scene for home inspectors to deliver same day reports to their clients.

Picture of inspector on roofThe tour of their operation vehicles and their store for the company’s home inspection tools was quite engaging. I realized that it took so much precision to be able to serve the Long Island market. Most of the cars in the fleet were brand new and a few of the vehicles were under 2 years old. The neat state of the vehicles, the top line home inspection gadgets and other company materials in their store showed me that this company is poised to lead their market.

During the photo shoot, some Long Island business owners came on a courtesy call to the firm. They talked about a particular property that they wanted to convert to a shopping mall. They wanted this home inspection company to handle the project. I was fascinated at the deep insight of the CEO of Advanced Home Inspections, LLC. He shared with the business owners all the angles that will be looked at and promised to give them a response as soon as he gets other details. The photo shoot ended with a group photograph that captured all the staff of the company. The experience at this great firm has shown me that it pays to be a company that is known for excellence.

A Wonderful Time With a Great Long Island Kitchen Remodeling Company

One of the joys of professional photography is the opportunity to work with great firms and find out what makes them tick. It was a huge honor to work with a company that helped me understand the concepts that drive the kitchen remodeling industry. I learned how to hire a remodeler, the questions to ask to find out if they can deliver and the background checks that must be done. In all, the photo shoot was an eye-opener that showed me that there are amazing companies that are truly making a difference in the way we live. My brief chat with the Company’s CEO showed that they are poised to lead their market in every range.

Kitchen_Cabinets_DesignThe first shot I took was to capture the Kitchen cabinets and the processes used in fabricating some of them. The photo session took me from the point of inventory to the finished product. Also, I had to cover the various measurements and home design options that are available as a custom offer for the savvy homeowner. The photograph session led me to some of the homes that were recently serviced by this great company. The experience became a little more interesting as a few of the homeowners showed me the before and after photographs of their kitchen. I took various shots for the conventional kitchen designs, antique design and other unique blends.

It must be mentioned that kitchen remodeling in Long Island has taken a very interesting shape. A few decades back, it was a business run by people who are not truly professional. Based on my photoshoot sessions, I can attest to the fact that every member of the kitchen remodeling team are top line experts. The CEO shared how his passion to create new designs in a home led him to focus on this trade. He said that he knew that there was more to kitchen refacing than what he saw when he wanted to come into the industry. He said that he was proud of the strides that his company has made thus far.

Kitchen_RefacingAt the last count, he said that he had over 35 kitchen design ideas that can serve those with a low budget. He said that no one should step back from beautifying their kitchen because there was always a way to make it work. He showed me some of the mails sent to him by satisfied customers. At the end of my discussion with him, he offered to take me on a tour of the first facility he used when starting out in the business. My instinct as a photographer arose and I had fun taking various shots at their old facility.

The photographs are currently being processed and will be posted on the company’s website. Each of the pictures tells the story of what people can achieve when they set their hearts to excellence. I believe that every kitchen remodeling company needs to take a cue from this organization in order to remain relevant in their various pursuits.

Photo Shoot at Dumpster Rental Guys Long Island

One of the most exciting moments for me as a Photographer is to do photo shoots for great companies. My recent work with Dumpster Rental Guys in Long Island, NY has created a new stream of excitement for me. One of the things that made a huge mark in my heart is the professionalism of the staff that make up this business. I could not stop taking shots of their dynamic approach in carrying out their job with precision. The values of their business are something that would make for an engaging read. They were a delight to capture with my powerful lens.

A picture of rental dumpstersIt was not hard for me to see that they are far better than their Competitors. It may surprise you to know that as a photographer; I have a firsthand knowledge of some of these companies in the dumpster rental business. In my estimation, this company beat the likes of Winters Bros Long Island, Dumpster Rental Long Island, All Island Recycling and Rubbish Removal Inc., Prestige Carting, AM Waste Services Inc., VGC Carting and a host of others. The pricing, work ethics and professionalism of Dumpster Rental Guys are unmatched in Long Island. It was an honor for me to work with them and see how they run their operations.

In view of my close walk with the Dumpster guys, I discovered that it can be quite tedious to cover the two big counties in Long Island (Nassau and Suffolk). The amount of planning, resource alignment and many other behind the scenes that help them run a smooth operation can be quite demanding. In one of my experiences; I discover that it is not uncommon to see them go beyond the term of their agreement with their customers in order to get them satisfied. People may not know this but it takes lots of sweat to keep this business as effective as it is.

You can rent a dumpster from this company and go to sleep because they always deliver as promised. It is important to mention that I was not swayed by the fact that I was running a photo shoot with them. I wanted to be sure that this company can live up to its billing. The results that I have seen show that this company has truly earned its stripes. It is a family owned business that is built on a rich legacy of Integrity, empathy and resilience.

At the end of my photo shoot, I began to look through the pictures and I was filled with nostalgia. The connection I had with the Dumpster rental guys is so unique because they reflect how a great company should be run. I would advise most startups to take the time and understudy what this company does. In the light of my understanding of what it takes to successfully run a Dumpster business; I would rate this company a straight A. I cannot wait to develop the photo shots into a story that would bring the right impressions in the hearts of many.

The driving force for a dynamic business is trapped in their ability to work with their passion to delight the customers.

Photo shoot at The Electrician’s Headquarters

There are many choice locations that I have covered in the course of my career as a professional photographer. Many of them leave lasting memories due to the passion that goes into what I do. My recent job to cover the headquarters of a local Stockton electrician has been one of my best experiences. One of the things that captivated me is the well suited kits of the personnel and the very tidy work environment. Each of the wires was neatly packed and the stock of electrical products they had was quite impressive. I discovered that they have an extensive approach of upgrading the knowledge base of their staff.

A picture of a northern California licensed electrical contractorAnother interesting discovery is the process in which they attend to their clients’ request. The channels are many which gives everyone the ease to contact them. I was held in awe by the professional customer service system which was simply classy. Every electrician had their beat and there was a timely system of addressing each call they have. The first step is to give free estimates for clients and support them with top of the range solutions. My job helped me to have a better understanding of how these professional electricians carry out their job.

Another interesting part of the photo shoot was my coverage of the surrounding cities to Stockton. Linden, Lathrop, Manteca and French Camp are some of the surrounding areas that make the shoot an engaging one. As a leading electrician in Stockton, CA, my client had to cover areas that were miles away from his office. The good part is that they had a robust system which helped them meet the needs of the surrounding areas. When I saw the vans, the comportment of the electricians and their work model; I almost gave up photography to be an electrician!

The beauty of what this electrical company does leaves me in awe. They have a way of keeping up to date records of each of the projects they handle. This company is so good that they make their service look like art. Most of the projects they handle cut across commercial, industrial and residential works. It is important to mention that each photo shoot brought a fresh perspective. I found out that the preparation it takes to undergo an industrial project was quite extensive. Beyond this, there was a clear definition of a plan on how to carry out each project based on the needs of the client.

I would be carrying out another session with this company in the coming months following their Davis electrician around, one of the guys that strictly handles another sector of their work. I look forward to the time because I know it would bring interesting experiences. Most of the pictures that are in my collection tell a good story about all you need to know about the services of this electrical company. My most rewarding moment would be to cover the plans they have to execute a major electrical work in the city of Stockton. I would not trade my career as a photographer for any other job because I find fulfillment in what I do.

Termites and Million Dollar Homes

Termite Damage

As a photographer, I often have the unique opportunity to shoot on some beautiful properties. It can be one of the most enjoyable aspects of my job as I’ve always loved architecture and interior design. It’s always fun to take a peak at these homes and the beautiful detailing and interior design. At a shoot this past fall on Long Island, NY, we were outside taking advantage of the beautiful outdoor spaces of this million-dollar home. The setting was lovely and the sun was at the perfect angle. The interesting thing about being behind the camera as a photographer is the opportunity to look at the world through the lens. It is a different perspective for certain! This time, however, what caught my attention was not the usual architecture or scenery. It was something entirely different and, as I later found out, it involved termites, not humans.

During the shoot, standing in the midst of this gorgeous property with all my equipment, something in the wooden eaves of the roof caught my attention. For this particular outing I was tasked to come along and shoot a Long Island home inspection in process, not very common but it pays the bills! As it turns out, this elegant and expensive home was suffering from extensive (and ugly) termite damage yet to be addressed by the owner. In a conversation with the son of the home’s owner (an elderly woman), I was shocked to learn the cost of remediating all of the damage that had built up over several years due to lack of regular termite inspection! The home had not be treated or inspected until just recently because, sadly, they were thinking of selling the home.
The repairs now needed would cost into the thousands of dollars, probably well past $10,000 given the extent of the damage. The homeowner’s son also told me that the damage extended to inside the house in the attic and crawl spaces where it was not as visible. I’d not realized that regular home termite inspections were so crucial or that termites could cause so much damage in such as short period of time. Their decision now was whether to fix all of the damage prior to listing the home and just paying for it out of pocket or not fixing it, but adjusting their sale price accordingly so that the buyer could make the repairs themselves. The repairs involved treating the home for extensive termite damage as well as replacing and repairing all of the rotted wood including in the crawl space and attic – no easy feat. 

As a photographer, I’ve had the privilege of visiting many beautiful sites and homes because of my work. I always enjoy the opportunity it affords me. This particular home was especially beautiful to me, however, because it was something I would have designed for myself as a home. It was stately, elegant, yet comfortable and charming. I don’t know what the homeowner and her son ultimately decided to do with the property. Whether they sold it or kept it and made all the necessary repairs to sustain the home for many more years. Either way, I hope the home lasts for decades and some gets to enjoy it. I certainly would!

A Photo shoot at The Emergency Dental Pros Clinic

dental office

I have been involved with photography for over 10 years and this career is something I have always dreamed of. I always knew that this was the path I will follow, since it has given me the opportunity to visit many interesting and mysterious places and meet and compare different cultures. Apart from that, the thrill you can get from this is inestimable.

Last week, I had a shooting in Istanbul. I tried to see some interesting scenes and take photos of them. When you shoot a scene, I think it is very important not to just take a photo and go on, but to ‘work the scene’. For instance, in one of the scenes I took numerous shoots of different interactions, since taking a photo of an interesting person isn’t enough. I wanted to see people’s feelings through their gestures and I really had a great time doing this. However, after several years of traveling around the world and visiting amazing destinations, I decided to try something a bit different but interesting in the same way. This all happened when I got a call from a company named Emergency Dental Pros.

At first, I had some doubts since I am used to a different kind of shooting. But when they said that they would send me a ticket, I thought: Why not? ’, and went there to see how the things will work for me.

They first took me to their clinic in Omaha, Nebraska. I was really pleased with their reception and the atmosphere was not boring at all, as I thought it might be. The people who worked there were really friendly and they were curious about my career as a photographer. They wanted to know what kind of photos I usually take, what my favorite destinations are etc. This clinic is capable of performing any dental procedure, which can sometimes present quite a challenge. For instance, I was there when they were performing teeth whitening, and I used this opportunity to take some photos.

The whole procedure took about an hour and I was amazed with the final results. When a woman entered the room, I noticed that she was quite nervous but after a brief discussion with a doctor, she finally agreed to have this done. I first took the photos of her teeth because I wanted to compare them with the final results. They used the professional bleaching, which could be seen in my photos, and then they applied it to the woman’s teeth. The doctors were really pleasant and allowed me to capture each moment of this procedure. So, my next photo caught the moment when a thick paste was put onto the surface of each tooth being treated. Then the lights triggered the reaction and we waited for 60 minutes in order for the procedure to be completed. The time passed really quickly, and I enjoyed every second there. I even took the photos of the doctors’ smiling places and then, it was time to see the final results. I prepared my camera and when I saw the result, I was speechless. The teeth were perfectly white and I had to take several photos that can be now seen on my blog. That day was incredible and I was really pleased with the reception I received there. By the way if you would like to enjoy the kind of teeth whitening I’m talking about here call and mention my name or visit – Schedule.

The next day was a bit different but also very enjoyable. I was taken to the clinic in Cincinnati, Ohio for another shoot. This office operates strictly as a Cincinnati OH urgent care dentist. When I arrived there, I saw a lot of cheerful and vivacious children in the waiting room. I had to take some photos of them, since seeing cheerful children at the dentist’s is not something anyone usually expects. One boy even wanted me to take pictures of him over and over again. After that, I entered the room with him and the dental doctors who were expecting me were really nice. They assured the boy that there was nothing to be afraid of, and after that, they began with the procedure of putting braces. They first cleaned his teeth and allowed me to take the photos. Then they applied the bonding glue and attached the arch wires in the brackets, which can be seen in my photos. Getting the braces on did not hurt and the boy even wanted me to take a picture of him with the doctors. They were eager to collaborate, and the whole day passed really quickly.

So, although I am used to different kinds of photographs, my experience at the Emergency Dental Pros clinic was so incredible that I am now thinking of taking various kinds of photographs, since every experience always has something to tell.

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Travel Photography Tips

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