A Photo shoot at The Emergency Dental Pros Clinic

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I have been involved with photography for over 10 years and this career is something I have always dreamed of. I always knew that this was the path I will follow, since it has given me the opportunity to visit many interesting and mysterious places and meet and compare different cultures. Apart from that, the thrill you can get from this is inestimable.

Last week, I had a shooting in Istanbul. I tried to see some interesting scenes and take photos of them. When you shoot a scene, I think it is very important not to just take a photo and go on, but to ‘work the scene’. For instance, in one of the scenes I took numerous shoots of different interactions, since taking a photo of an interesting person isn’t enough. I wanted to see people’s feelings through their gestures and I really had a great time doing this. However, after several years of traveling around the world and visiting amazing destinations, I decided to try something a bit different but interesting in the same way. This all happened when I got a call from a company named Emergency Dental Pros.

At first, I had some doubts since I am used to a different kind of shooting. But when they said that they would send me a ticket, I thought: Why not? ’, and went there to see how the things will work for me.

They first took me to their clinic in Omaha, Nebraska. I was really pleased with their reception and the atmosphere was not boring at all, as I thought it might be. The people who worked there were really friendly and they were curious about my career as a photographer. They wanted to know what kind of photos I usually take, what my favorite destinations are etc. This clinic is capable of performing any dental procedure, which can sometimes present quite a challenge. For instance, I was there when they were performing teeth whitening, and I used this opportunity to take some photos.

The whole procedure took about an hour and I was amazed with the final results. When a woman entered the room, I noticed that she was quite nervous but after a brief discussion with a doctor, she finally agreed to have this done. I first took the photos of her teeth because I wanted to compare them with the final results. They used the professional bleaching, which could be seen in my photos, and then they applied it to the woman’s teeth. The doctors were really pleasant and allowed me to capture each moment of this procedure. So, my next photo caught the moment when a thick paste was put onto the surface of each tooth being treated. Then the lights triggered the reaction and we waited for 60 minutes in order for the procedure to be completed. The time passed really quickly, and I enjoyed every second there. I even took the photos of the doctors’ smiling places and then, it was time to see the final results. I prepared my camera and when I saw the result, I was speechless. The teeth were perfectly white and I had to take several photos that can be now seen on my blog. That day was incredible and I was really pleased with the reception I received there. By the way if you would like to enjoy the kind of teeth whitening I’m talking about here call and mention my name or visit www.emergencydentalpros.com – Schedule.

The next day was a bit different but also very enjoyable. I was taken to the clinic in Cincinnati, Ohio for another shoot. This office operates strictly as a Cincinnati OH urgent care dentist. When I arrived there, I saw a lot of cheerful and vivacious children in the waiting room. I had to take some photos of them, since seeing cheerful children at the dentist’s is not something anyone usually expects. One boy even wanted me to take pictures of him over and over again. After that, I entered the room with him and the dental doctors who were expecting me were really nice. They assured the boy that there was nothing to be afraid of, and after that, they began with the procedure of putting braces. They first cleaned his teeth and allowed me to take the photos. Then they applied the bonding glue and attached the arch wires in the brackets, which can be seen in my photos. Getting the braces on did not hurt and the boy even wanted me to take a picture of him with the doctors. They were eager to collaborate, and the whole day passed really quickly.

So, although I am used to different kinds of photographs, my experience at the Emergency Dental Pros clinic was so incredible that I am now thinking of taking various kinds of photographs, since every experience always has something to tell.

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